School Ventilation Australia dramatically improves school air quality using free energy to make existing systems work together effectively.

Australia 's schools are hot, and getting hotter, but this needn't be. School Ventilation Australia's highly cost effective school air quality strategies involve:

The delivery of cool, fresh air provides a dramatic improvement in school air quality and subsequent learning outcomes.

Australia has the most sunlight of any country in the world. However many schools still don't capture this free electrical energy to ensure a high level of school air quality. School Ventilation Australia provides solutions to capture this wonderful free resource, using solar panels to both cool and, to provide fresh air.

High performance school air quality outcomes are achieved with equipment, and systems custom installed and operating for peak performance. This results in better health, productivity, and other remarkable benefits of high school air quality design.

School Ventilation Australia provides total school air quality system designs that maximise the full potential of school buildings as effective learning environments.

We minimise waste by using existing materials and systems, and by future rating the new system with energy efficient components. SVA's unique hybrid systems reduce both ongoing energy costs and maintenance costs, while providing everybody with plenty of fresh cool air. Contact SVA for a free assessment of what we can do to quickly improve your school air quality needs.